Let's talk, and eat.™

RepChef is a healthy alternative to corporate catering. Through curated gourmet meals carefully prepared by personal chefs, RepChef provides a personal and unique experience between the business professional and their customers. We offer fresh, locally sourced, easy to order meals guaranteed to make your business meeting a success. 

We believe that favorable outcomes begin with healthy brain function and healthy brains are fueled with a well balanced nutrition. Instead of processed, fast food and a quick conversation - create impactful moments worth savoring. 

How we work

We simplify the process of "what's for lunch?" with two simple options.

Option 1 - Choose from one of our cuisine categories (American, Italian, Russian, etc), select the number of people who will be eating and enjoy a fresh gourmet meal customized to your office's pallet preference, allergies and dietary restrictions. No need for individual orders or complicated lists. Simply let us know what your office is in the mood for and we'll take it from there. Cuisine Experiences are priced at $18.99 per person. Orders must be placed with a minimum 24 hour advance notice.

Option 2 - Choose individual fresh items from our Rep|Now menu in accordance to the meal budget. It's that's simple.  

Become a Rep Chef

We are always looking for innovative and creative new talent. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us.